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    Respect. Sounds not too hard to define. But yet, nowadays I realize that the forms of the letters themselves are not that easy to explain. Moreover, to practicing it. Most of us would think that “it’s not that hard to implement it”.. But now I know that to respect others are more than just to acknowledge that a person is a person. It’s more about realizing that we DO have to act exactly how we want others to treat us. Based on what I had these past few months, I understand now that it doesn’t matter whether you’re these old or having that much of experiences in life compares to others. It’s simply whether you have it or not. Sense of respecting others, for me, is something that (somehow) grows genetically.. It depends on how you raised, yo
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    New Year's Resolution

    Often thinking that you need to make a list of what you should or shouldn’t do in life. Similar with this ‘Nu Year’s Resolution’ kinda thing.. By making it on a list, you think that you’ll be much more secured, for you are already know what to do this year.. Or at least you ought to know what you should do in order to achieve your ‘this year’s target’.. For me, I found it as something that’s stressing me bad.. Not because that I have sooo much target to achieve, in contrary, I don’t even know what to dream about on this upcoming New Year., and yet, it’s the last day of 2009 already!!! It’s not that I’m one of those kind of people whose having such an easy-I don’t care of what’ll happen next -
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    how to not to ruined others' life...

    Sometimes, we have this tendency of ruin others life. Tendency under un-consciousness, I called ‘em.. hahaha sometimes we un-consciously conduct others what to do. it’s not that it’s bad, though I don’t like ruler a lot. :) Maybe we have no intention in making people sick, at all. What we did was just that we forgot to remember that were NOT the only one who got brain on this planet. We forgot that ones might already have his own thinking of what his life should be. Though sometimes theres a possibility that ones unable to decide whats the best for him, That doesnt mean that we have the privilege what-so-ever to then decide whats the best for him, from our side.. All we can do is just to show him that our respect and attention are all over him without let
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    and off he goes...

    michael jackson. jacko. wacko jacko. whatever we call him names, there are no doubt that he is one of the greatest artist in singing the world has ever known… because of his death, i am now a youtube freak, searching for his childhood clips, the one when he’s still with The Jackson Five or the one when he’s singing on his own. He is such a dazzling star. but no matter how gud he was, he’s still a human being, such a person with inperfection. the fact that he runs lots of surgery makes me realize that there are possibilities that maybe (juz maybe) Michael himself feels that he needs to ‘repair’ himself in order to be the ‘proper’ idol with such face, such body and (ehm..) such skin color.. i DO realize that maybe there’ll be massiv
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    i do have problems, don't i??

    i often claimed that others’ are much more happier than me.. my life’s suck.. i’m not happy.. i hate me.. i hate them for ignoring me.. i hate them for mind their own business.. i hate me for unable to ignore the feeling of being such a useless gurl.. aarrgghh,,, but, then.. i wondered.. what if it’s ME all these times? it’s other’s right to mind their own business, don’t they? it’s none of my business if other’s life seems to be full of joy, eh? then it’s me it’s me whose having problems of thinking about too much a lot.. maybe i need to take some times, enjoying my self, on my own world, ignoring others.. ^_^ ..bless you..
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    when the time's coming, will i get much time??

    saya. sudah. sangat. lama. gak. menulis. di sini. hibernasinya kelamaan nih.. hehehehehe… Hi all, since i’ve got no time in updating my blog, i first wanna say a BIG HELLO.. —– hidup itu memang aneh. ketika kita punya waktu, kita nggak ingin.. ketika nggak punya waktu, kenapa semua ingin kita lakukan ya? :) sometimes i do feel that people r ignoring me a lot.. a lot, that it makes me down.. tapi ternyata tanpa sadar, saya juga sering nggak perduli sama orang lain.. so, feedback does exist.. ketika kita perduli, bukan berarti orang juga bakal perduli sama kita, tapi ketika kita nggak perduli, gimana mungkin kita berharap orang lain akan perduli juga sama kita? betapa egoisnya kita!!! cukup dulu untuk hari ini.. mudah2an saya bisa menulis lagi di sin
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    semuanya ribet..

    haahhh… lama banget ga nulis2 di sini… maaf, ga ada waktu & ga ada ide.. gyahahaha.. berasa banyak yg nanti2in tulisan gw nih.. *muntah* hum.. as a start, ngomongin recent condition kayaknya OK.. biar gampang connectnya.. :) Caleg banyak banget ya kayaknya.. Sampe bingung mo pilih yang mana… Saya sebenarnya merasa euforia Pemilu yang terjadi di negara kita sedikit banyak memberi dampak yang lumayan luas spektrumnya.. Dengan kata lain, either it will costs this country good or bad, or neither one of those; which is useless.. :) Saya sendiri berani berkata bahwa saya kecewa dengan sebagian besar caleg yang ‘beredar’, entah itu untuk DPR, DPRD, DPD atau yang lain yang mungkin saya nggak tau.. kenapa kecewa? well because i’m not pleas
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    i'm boorriingg..

    hari ini semua (kembali) terasa membosankan.. kerjaan membosankan.. orang-orang kantor membosankan.. atasan membosankan (pastinya!!) ketika hidup tidak lagi punya target, kita seperti berjalan tanpa arah.. padahal yang aku ingat, dulu waktu aku punya target rasanya hidup sangat berat.. Lantas apa yang aku mau? Semua sebenarnya sudah cukup bagiku.. Tapi aku yang nggak pernah merasa puas.. damn..
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    mon adorable famille.. tu me manques..

    my family are juz the best for me.. to stay far away from them actually killing me but one thing I surely can gain as benefit, is that they constantly worrying me!! uhuuyy,,, hehehe.. my mom, the one whose always asking me unimportant questions : “hv u had ur meal today?” “how’s ur sleep last night?” “do you hv any boyfriend now?” “hv u already got back from work?” etc.. my dad, the guy whose always calling me (at least) once in every three hours : “what are you doing know?” and he already asked the same quetions on his last called, which only a few hours ago!! my sis, whose calling me to ask the latest fashion bags that’re available here in Jakarta, or to gossipping around with me.. my cute lil’
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    suatu hari di Jakarta

    Saya termasuk satu dari ribuan pekerja Jakarta yang menggunakan transportasi umum sebagai alternatif utama (satu-satunya) ketika bepergian. And as one out of many, i sure can tell you this : I LOVE public transportation!! Despite the pity conditions of the vehicles, naik bus, metro mini, mikrolet, angkot, busway atau apapun sebutannya, bagi saya naik angkutan umum sangat menyenangkan. Banyak hal yang bisa saya lihat dan alami selama di perjalanan. Di pagi hari, on my way to work, saya bisa melihat wajah-wajah para pekerja Jakarta dalam berbagai ekspresi : 1. Mata memandang tanpa fokus yang jelas alias menerawang… Mungkin memikirkan kira-kira sebanyak apa kerjaan yang akan dibebankan atasan padanya hari ini, tentang jumlah gaji yang nggak naik-naik, tentang rekan kerja yang menye
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